Don't Let Brush Block Your Progress

Schedule land clearing services before you start planting in Wellington, MO

Brush and wildflowers can give your property a charming appearance, but they can also block agricultural progress. Before you start planting new fields in Wellington, MO, make room with land clearing services from AMS Excavating. Using specialized equipment, our team will remove unwanted vegetation so you can have a wide-open space for planting. Then, we can burn the brush, grind it or haul it away.

To get a free estimate on land clearing services, contact us today.

Say goodbye to stubborn shrubs

Your land isn't ready for planting without brush removal services. That's because stray brush can:

  • Steal nutrients from your crops
  • Become a breeding ground for pests
  • Clog your irrigation system with roots

Start your agricultural project off right. Call 816-309-8428 now to consult a brush removal specialist about your needs in the Wellington, MO area.